2017 is the 30th Anniversary for...

Paris Limousine

One of Oklahoma City Finest Limousine Services... Providing Services for Every Occasion!

6550 SE 74th
Oklahoma City, OK 73135

sport events

Let Paris Limousine of Oklahoma take you to the big games in CHESAPEAKE ARENA. Without the worries of endless traffic, tension of parking your vehicle, long way drive..., you can sit back in comfort along with your friends enjoying the delight of the ride of our up to date limousines.

When you ride with us you will come to know the true meaning of luxury and style. Simply love the nature comforts with Satellite TV, HD Sound System and Bar (self provided alcohol). Simply kick back and savor the delight of riding with Paris Limousine of Oklahoma, and get the best options for all that is important to you.

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